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Bible Training

Community Bible Experience Retail Training (CBE2018)


Take the Community Bible Experience retail training course and learn why this Bible reading program will help people to reignite a passion for the Scriptures and develop a life-long habit of Bible reading. For retailers who participate there is a free product offering upon completion!

  • Welcome to Community Bible Experience Training!
  • What is the Community Bible Experience?
  • What's the BIG idea behind the Community Bible Experience?
  • How long has the Community Bible Experience been around?
  • Video: How the Community Bible Experience was developed
  • Adult & Teen Format for CBE - The Books of the Bible
  • Product: Adult & Teen Bibles - The Books of the Bible
  • Sampler: Adult New Testament
  • Product: Study Journal for Adults & Teens
  • Study Journal: Reflective Questions/Meaningful Discussion
  • Sampler: Adult Study Journal
  • Product: Curriculum Video Study for Adults & Teens
  • Video: Curriculum for Community Bible Experience
  • Product: Children's Bibles - The Books of the Bible
  • Differences & Similarities Between Adult & Children's Books
  • Sampler: Kids New Testament
  • Product: Children's Ages 3-7
  • Sampler: Children's Coloring Book
  • Product: Children's Curriculum
  • Sampler: Children's Curriculum - Later Elementary
  • Product: Church Resource Kit
  • CBE Quick Start Guide.pdf
  • Why Community Bible Experience is the Perfect Follow Up to "The Story"
  • Endorsement: Andy Crouch, Christianity Today
  • Endorsement: Jim Cymbala, Pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle Church
  • Endorsement: Jeff Manion, Senior Pastor, Ada Bible Church
  • Video: Getting Started with Community Bible Experience
  • Free Online Resources
  • Files: Resource & Download File Locator
  • Thank you, next steps (take quiz) & earn product!
  • Community Bible Experience Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed